This unit is created by running the Engineer program near one of your Squads or captured Control Towers. The Engineer is used to collect souls for spawning more Darwinians, reprogramming and capturing buildings and finally to download research data.

The Engineer is aptly named considering its primary purpose. This unit is an executable program available from the beginning of the first mission “Garden” and onwards throughout the entire game of Darwinia. The Engineer serves as the handy man unit, collecting souls to spawn more green Darwinians, downloading new research items you have found within the missions, or reprogramming infected structures to return them under your and the Darwinians control.

The Engineer is capable of taking some light damage, but often needs to be protected during the process of soul collecting and sometimes reprogramming if enemies are present nearby. They do not experience any kind of hesitation towards hovering right into the path of a slew of viruses, just to pick up a single nearby soul. Be forewarned you must keep an eye on them during this task, especially if you desperately need some little green buddies for a specific task at hand.

Unlike the Squad, Engineers are capable of hovering over the water, allowing you to use them as insurgents, crossing waters and avoiding heavy infestations to reprogram structures behind enemy lines. They are limited into how steep an incline they can climb. One last point of note is the capability to spawn Engineers within a small distance from Squads.

Engineer Research

The Engineer begins at Version 1.0, and each subsequent version researched up to 4.0 grants the Engineer the capacity to carry more souls before having to return and drop them off at an incubator.

Keep in mind, this research has ups and downs. More souls carried means you’re going to be able to spawn more Darwinians, but it also means more time before the Engineer returns to drop his collection off, and considering their unhindered greed in soul collection, can often end up getting ganked with a large load of souls in tow. Version 1.0 Engineers can carry 10 souls, 2.0 can hold 15 souls, 3.0 can hold 25 souls and 4.0 can hold 30.

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