The Temple is the final level in the main story line of Darwinia. It is here that the truth behind the virus infection is uncovered. As it turns out, the Darwinians managed to realign the Trunk Port here to what they thought was Heaven, but was actually Doctor Sepulveda’s work computer. What happened next impacted their society forever, having downloaded the doctor’s research data that contained all the information on the Darwinians existence and how they were created. In the process they managed to download 3 spam emails containing nasty viruses, that materialized in the world of Darwinia into the virus you have been fighting all along.

These 3 virus infected emails are the primary objective of the Temple level, and all 3 must be destroyed to finally rid Darwinia of the infection. Each mail sits on an island and releases a virus attack every so often that will kill Darwinians and your programs while spawning additional viruses. There is no way to avoid this, so expect it to come at a regular rate.

One benefit of the Temple over other levels is that you can stealth capture almost all of the Control Towers here, including many Radar Dishes and the Incubators. Do this first with Engineers to give yourself plenty of attack options. The Control Towers defended by Spiders are easy to capture if you have several Engineers with one or two moving about as distractions. You can take out the Side email located on the mostly barren island by stealth capping the Radar Dish and having Squads use Airstrikes or other explosives. The other two spam emails are the Darwinian on the island with reds, and the Temple email where the realigned trunk port is.

Use the incubators to spawn greens to man the Spawners on the initial island to build up your army. Create a group of turrets and deploy them with Darwinians around the edges of the Temple island to control the viral infection there, then follow up with squads to rush in and drop Airstrike beacons on the email here to take it out.

Finally you will want to move against the red Darwinian island to take out the last email here. You can either use a massive invasion of greens to cover an insurgent group of Squads to break in and drop Airstrike beacons on the email. Try to avoid or take out the turret here when doing this, as it will rip your units apart if not dealt with quickly. Try to avoid using turrets yourself on this island unless you’re aiming to capture the Spawners since the reds may take it and use it against you. Once all 3 emails are gone, you will be treated to some R&R for your efforts in saving the Darwin Simulated Life Research Project.

Temple – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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