Darwinia Strategy Guide Index

These pages serve as the guide and walkthrough resource index for the PC game Darwinia, by Introversion Software. Within you will find sections covering how to beat all the levels, with special info on all the game’s units, weapons, building and enemies. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on these guides or what you would like to see below.

Click the link above to proceed to the main index for all the level guides within the game. Each guide goes in-depth covering each level’s progression and any unique aspects specific to each level.

This page contains the guides covering the various units players can utilize within the game. Most of these are programs that are run through the task manager, however some like the Darwinians are created through other means.

This page contains various information about the controllable structures within the game. Structures typically provide benefits not possible with units alone and capturing many of them is an essential part of each level. Knowing the benefits each building grants you will help prioritize your tasks within levels.

Here you can find an index of all the various guides that cover the different enemies you will find yourself encountering within the game. Some require special tactics or weapons to effectively destroy, while others pose significant threats that must be prioritized within a level.

This index page covers the weapons you will find and be capable of utilizing within Darwinia. Each weapon has its unique functions and benefits depending on the situation. The Laser is the only weapon granted to you at the very beginning, while the remaining three must be found as downloadable research projects within the levels of the game.

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