This level actually takes place after the events set forth in the main story. Originally the demo level, made to serve as an introduction to the Darwin Simulated Life Research Project.

The first level of the main storyline. Learn to create squads and the basic controls of the game, while being introduced to the Virus ravaging the Darwin project.

Save Dawinians in the one area the Doctor was able to contain the virus.

Liberate the facility used by the Dawinians to extract raw components for building structures.

This facility powers the construction yard. You will have to reestablish control here.

Isolated Darwinians need your help reaching the safe area at the other end of a heavy Viral infestation.

With the Generator and Mine under control, it’s time to power the Yard to begin producing armaments for the Darwinians.

The holy ground of Darwinia, where the souls of the Darwinians fall to be collected for rebirth into the digital world.

This facility provides the next essential step of the Darwinians rebirth process, providing the body pattern for the souls collected at the Receiver.

The birth place of all Darwinians. The souls from the Receiver and the Pattern Buffer data combine to create new inhabitants of the digital dreamscape.

The final challenge awaits you, and the truth behind the infection is uncovered.

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