The Yard level is the final step in the assembly process of the Darwinians manufacturing system in Darwinia. It is here that the refined primitives from the Mine, and the power from the Generator is utilized to create the Armor personnel carrier and turret. Your objectives in this Darwinia level is to first, enable the Generator Trunk Port, begin producing Armor by manning the construction yard with Darwinians, destroy the Ant Infection and capture the three Trunk Ports that are in the same area as the Ant Hills.

Start this mission by spawning some Engineers by the Containment Trunk Port. Move them off the island and away from the virus here to capture the Control Tower that powers the Radar Dish sitting on the far tip of the central island that contains the manufacturing facility. This is a suggested tactic as it allows you to skip clearing the virus on this island, until you have an Incubator captured, and can create a force from the souls dropped here, instead of letting them go to waste.

After performing this stealth capture, make squads to clear the way up to the construction yard, and the Incubators that lay next to it. Vaporize all the Virii that stand in your way, and make sure to bring several Squads at once, since losing one means a long trek back towards the Incubators. Once these incubators are yours, start collecting any nearby souls left over from the path you cleared towards them, then head back to the starting island to wipe it clean, with Engineers scooping all the pretty little lights that will be left over.

Once the starter island is yours, head over to the Island with the Generator Trunk port to clear it of the meandering viruses and the Triffids here. Again, collect all the souls you can for your upcoming fight. Once the Generator Trunk Port is yours, both power and primitives will be able to come through the Trunk Ports once the yard is manned, which you should have your Darwinians do so now if not already.

It takes approximately 9 primitives to create a single Armor unit at the construction yard, which you can count as they are deposited into the facility if eager to use your first one. After the 9 primitives are delivered, there is a 10 second delay before the Armor rolls off the line, and the whole process is started again. This is the only mission where you can acquire Armor without using up one of your Task Manager slots.

Send in some armor without Darwinians inside of them to set up turrets all around in within the Ant infection. Except for the red Darwinians, the virus cannot man the turrets or use them against you, thus when fighting any enemy besides the little red men, you can deploy turrets right into their midst, to await a charging Darwinian army. This is preferable often to just loading Darwinians into the Armor to man the turret when it deploys since the small group of Darwinians can get massacred without a large supporting force or other already manned turrets nearby. Loading the Darwinians inside to man the turret when it arrives, is more preferable in situations where the turret will be set up farther away from a viral infection.

Deploy a rack of turrets unmanned all throughout the infestation, with them spaced out so some are manned when you first get towards the infection, with more turrets available to man as the Darwinians march forth. If you haven’t researched weapons for them yet, I suggest you find a way to get lasers on them, as you cannot control enough Squads at once to effectively stem the tide of ants without great difficulty. Having the supporting Darwinians makes a mound of difference, as they can plow through the ants very nicely, and the ants are usually too preoccupied gathering the souls of their fallen to attack. Once you have the infestation cleared up, go for the Control Towers that power the Trunk Ports to open up the next level Receiver.

Yard – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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