These little green pixilated creatures are the central figure in the storyline of the game. These are the natural inhabitants of the digital world that exists as the Darwin Simulated Life Research Project. These are not directly controllable, and must be influenced by the officer.

This unit is created by running the Engineer program near one of your Squads or captured Control Towers. The Engineer is used to collect souls for spawning more Darwinians, reprogramming and capturing buildings and finally to download research data.

Vehicles used as armored personnel transports and deployable turrets for use by the Darwinians. First available in the Yard level. Incredibly useful tool to allow the Darwinians to overcome the more powerful enemies within the game. Can be taken over and used against you by red Darwinians.

This unit can be created by running the Officer program on one of the green Darwinians in a level. The Officer is used to give commands to the Darwinians, which you cannot directly control yourself.

This is the unit you will find yourself controlling the most, especially in the beginning half of the game. This is your program created to directly battle the virus threat, outfitted initially with the Laser but can later utilize various secondary weapons.

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