Soul Destroyer

Soul Destroyers are the most dangerous enemy without a doubt within Darwinia. These flying monstrosities look much like a Centipede, except several times the size and much more menacing looking. These virus types are the rarest type seen, second to Triffids, but they are the hardest to take down. These dragon like creatures fly through the air, curling over a given portion of land that they don’t stray from, except to attack and then return upon the targets destruction.

The most potent threat the Soul Destroyers pose that no other enemy can match in Darwinia, is that when they kill a Darwinian, no souls are left behind, as the digital spirit that inhabited the body is vanquished along with the physical form, preventing reincarnation. This effect causes a great disturbance within the surviving Darwinian community, as they have never truly known death before, as they are always reincarnated otherwise. This is seen in the game by white “ghosts” shaped like Darwinians that briefly appear where one has fallen to a Soul Destroyer.

Due to the fast nature of the Soul Destroyer and its flying capabilities, it is incredibly difficult to take down with your lasers or secondary weapons. The most effective method is the Armor turret, which can be manned by Darwinians or controlled by yourself if manned, to shoot the Soul Destroyer directly as it flies through the air, as opposed to waiting until it dips towards the ground and hoping you catch it in a blast wave. The last point of note, is that although it has the same segmented shape of the Centipede, the Soul Destroyer exists and dies as a single entity, so it won’t split up by attacking segments.

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