These little green pixelated creatures are the central figure in the story-line of the game. These are the natural inhabitants of the digital world that exists as the Darwin Simulated Life Research Project. These are not directly controllable, and must be influenced by the Officer.

Darwinians are the small green inhabitants of this digital known as the Darwin Simulated Life Research Project. They are the fruit of Doctor Sepulveda’s efforts over the past decade, as he has worked in isolation nurturing them from a primitive Artificial Intelligence society into a thriving, creative culture. Before the invasion of the virus, they were innocently and blissfully ignorant to their true existence or the horrors of violence. These revelations forever impact the Darwinian society, bringing conflict and turmoil to their world.

The Darwinians are not directly controllable by the player within the game, however they may be significantly influenced into doing your bidding through various methods. Primarily they can be directed through the use of the Officer program, with commands like follow, which is used to create paths to send the Darwinians on across the various maps, or send them through Radar dishes. In addition to this, they will automatically move towards and utilize items that they have the ability to function, such as the mining facilities in the level Mine. Lastly the Armor can be used to load Darwinians into the transport, and move them across the map, or deploy and man the stationary turret.

Darwinians have the intelligence to run away from grenades, fire upon enemies automatically with either lasers or grenades (once researched) and have a tendency to stick together or work in groups. They will flee under heavy losses, and emit digitized screams when under attack. Upon completing all the objectives of a mission, you will often find the Darwinians dancing or leaping into the air, or swaying from side to side when they are mesmerized by an object. Occasionally you may see glowing yellow boxes floating up into the air among red and most often green souls, these are “memorial kites” released by surviving Darwinians to mourn the loss of their companions after one falls in battle.

Darwinian Research Items

Darwinians begin at Version 2.0 in their research progress, and you can begin researching the next level immediately after beginning the game. At version 3.0 the Darwinians are first armed with lasers, giving them fighting capability. This is one of the most imperative research items, as the ability to defend themselves gives them a much higher chance of survival, while allowing them to function as a fighting force which is more necessary in later missions.

Version 4.0 unlocks their ability to use grenades. This ability is unfortunately a little bit cursed, since their use of grenades will allow the Darwinians to damage all types of the virus effectively, their range is limited. Even though the Darwinians flee from their thrown grenades, they will often get caught in the blasts of friendly fire, resulting in higher losses in tightly grouped clusters of Darwinians.

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