Triffids are a unique type of virus in Darwinia in that it neither is capable of moving, nor attacking your units directly. These bell flower shaped viruses typically are found in hard to reach high up areas, where the sway casually in the wind. When they detect intruders on the map, they begin to cause you headaches by launching red egg shaped objects, larger and opaque red compared to the Spore Generator eggs, that fly across the map, usually nearby your units.

These eggs fired by the Triffid typically lay about on the land for a few moments before breaking open to reveal either a batch of Virii, a Centipede or a Spider. This can prove very hazardous, especially when a Spider is released, as they can be sent to important areas under your control, but lightly defended. For this reason, it is incredibly important to eliminate any Triffids on a level as soon as possible, by whatever means you can find. They can be damaged by any weapon, however they are usually best reached by either the grenade, or manually operating the Armor turret, as Darwinians operating the Turret do not fire on Triffids on their own.

When destroying a Triffid, it will begin to wither away as it twists and writhes, however it will always launch one last egg just to spite you, and it probably won’t land somewhere you want it to. The eggs seem to be immune to lasers, but can be blown apart before the virus inside has a time to hatch and attack your forces by a couple well placed blasts or the turret’s weapon fire.

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