The Garden is the first level available after beginning a new game in Darwinia. You will be introduced to the doctor as he expresses befuddlement as to how you were able to connect to the digital world, as he has locked down outside connections due to a rampant virus infection plaguing the project. Garden is meant as an introductory on how to start and run programs, and controlling the Squad to fight the virus threat.

Begin by spawning a Squad or two and use them to clear the Virii patches from the beginning island with the small group of green Darwinians. Once you reach the end of this S shaped island there will be a floating blue box. This is one of Doctor Sepulveda’s research items, which you will need to spawn an Engineer next to your squad to download. Once the data is downloaded you will be given access to the Grenade, which is granted to your Squads.

After downloading the Grenade research data in Garden, capture the nearby Control Tower to gain control of the Radar Dish. Using this, you can point it at the radar dish directly across the water, send your squad through, and spawn an engineer beside them as they exit to capture the other side, and start researching some projects with the research points granted by Control Tower capture.

There is another large patch of Virii just further past this exit side dish. Use your new grenades to make short work of them, before heading to the other end of this island where there is a deactivated Trunk Port. Spawn an Engineer (you can delete one that’s far away and re-run it to cut down on travel time) to capture the control tower powering the Trunk Port while using a Squad to wipe out the last patch of virii to finish the Garden Level and unlock Containment.

Garden – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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