Pattern Buffer

The Pattern Buffer along with the Receiver form the two integral parts to the rebirth process for the Darwinians that culminates within the Biosphere. The Pattern Buffer in Darwinia is where the data governing the basic physical form of every Darwinian is stored and used to house the spirits that are collected by the Receiver. The main objective in this Darwinia level is to clear the pattern infection by capturing 4 facilities located on the map. Lastly, before leaving you must enable the Biosphere Trunk Port from this location.

Start the Pattern Buffer level by spawning Squads by the Yard Trunk Port. Cut a path to the Incubators and capture them immediately to begin building up a large reserve of Green Darwinians. Continue clearing the virus infection on this island to clear the way for the Darwinians to man the facilities needed to clear the infection from the pattern.

While you do this, also make sure to set up some deployed turrets within range of the Trunk Port with some Darwinians to man them right way. There will soon be a steady stream of red Darwinians pouring out of every Trunk Port, and you want turrets available to gun them down, but far enough away from the port to prevent being overrun and taken over by the enemy.

Once you have cleared this first island and set up the turrets to keep the influx of red Darwinians at bay at the Trunk Port, start sending forces to the second island. Follow the same tactic here as you did on the first island, just to a greater extent, considering the heavier viral infection and wider land area to cover. Once you have all 4 facilities capture you must hold them for a period of time to clear the infection which you can check on in your objectives screen. If you lose control of one of the facilities, the infection will stop clearing, and begin to get stronger again. Once finished here, it’s time to head to the Biosphere.

Pattern Buffer – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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