Centipedes are large red creatures made up of many individual sections of diminishing size, with the head section being the largest. They also posses small spike like objects that barley jut out of the top. These Centipede in Darwinia function similarly to the Virii in terms of movement and attack, however they are considerably smarter and more powerful than the counterpart. Centipedes can only be spawned by Triffid eggs if not already present in a level.

Centipedes move very quickly, and have a wide range of patrol and sight, meaning they are likely to engage anything even remotely close to them. These viruses attack your units by charging head first at the unit it is about to attack, and more or less crushing the target instantly. Centipede’s seem to only take out a single unit at a time with their attacks, and are harmless if touched when they are not making this charge. When focusing on firing at many enemies at once, it can pay to know this charge from the regular Centipede movement, as it is a good signal to fire on it or move quickly.

Lasers are a very effective weapon against the Centipede, as it will run away the second it is hit by one, meaning you can keep them away from your forces with firing a few lasers here and there while focusing on more pressing enemies not so easily warded off by your attacks like Spiders or Virii. Each section of the centipede must be destroyed individually, and taking out a middle section will make the centipede split into multiple targets. Rockets are another good weapon to use, but Grenades and Air Strikes are ineffective thanks to their speed.

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