Launchpad – Prologue

The Launchpad level in Darwinia is a special semi tutorial slash bonus mission that is accessible at any time in the game by bringing up the menu while in the level select screen and selecting the play prologue button. The Launchpad level in Darwinia actually takes place after the events of the main story line, where the long fight and horrors witnessed from the viral infection has brought conflict to the Darwin Simulated Life Research Project.

The level begins with a massive rocket that the green Darwinians have constructed in order to further explore their universe, is attacked by groups of red Darwinians that spew forth from the Trunk Ports on the central rocket island. Begin this level by spawning a Squad to start clearing the first island of Virii and collect the research data for grenades. Move onto the next island after capturing the Radar Dish to cap the Incubator and Officer research here. Once you have some spawned greens, run the Officer to order them to man the solar panels.

The next island you move to with the two centipedes will award you the grenade research for the Darwinians, allowing them to use the Grenades themselves. The third island you will want to capture the Incubator as soon as possible to pump out Darwinians to man the Solar Panels here, and to help retake the central island. Kill all the virus and keep Engineers handy to scoop the souls.

Once you’ve captured the Outlying islands it’s time to send Squads through to the central island. Use them to clear one of the Spawners for use by your own Darwinians to replenish their numbers. Clear out all the Spawners one by one, following up with greens to man them until you have captured all the Spawners and have killed the reds here. Once that’s done you can start loading greens into the rocket, loading it up and completing the Prologue level.

Launchpad Prologue – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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