Only ever found in the vicinity of Ant Hills, however always in extraordinary numbers these enemies attack in massive swarms. They are easily distracted by free floating souls, and will rush to gather them up, and bring them back to their ant hills before attacking your units, in order to spawn more ants.

These are considered upgraded versions of the Virii. They take several shots to kill, and must be destroyed in segments. Destroying a segment connecting two others will cause the Centipede to split into multiple viruses where the segment was destroyed.

These are the most dangerous enemies within the game. These flying creatures are hard to hit with anything other than the Battle Turret (deployed Armor) and leave no souls behind of the Darwinians they kill.

The Spiders are considerably dangerous viruses that can only be hurt by explosives. They are capable of leaping on your units to attack them, and are not put off by your damaging hits like some other viruses like the Centipede and Spore Generator.

This hovering creature is harmless on its own, but with Virii working along with it, becomes a mobile respawn base for the virus threat.

Triffids look like bell shaped plants that don’t have any attacks of their own, but rather shoot eggs across the map that can spawn into Virii, Centipedes or Spiders. Usually found in hard to reach, out of the way places.

These are the first enemy you will encounter within the game. These viruses look like zig-zagging lines of triangles that skitter about the levels with a telltale noise. Easy to kill with lasers or explosives and pose threats only in numbers or to unarmed green Darwinians.

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