The Spore Generator virus in Darwinia resembles a large flying octopus, hovering above the land in levels, usually amongst Virii and other enemies. These are the only other flying virus other than the Soul Destroyer, however the Spore Generator is more common and easier to destroy.

The Spore Generator in Darwinia resembles little threat on its own, as it possesses no direct attack capabilities that can damage your units. This creature instead occasionally drops down close to the ground to drop eggs or “spores” on the ground. These eggs start out unfertilized, appearing hollow and see through. When Virii are nearby, they will seek out free floating souls within a certain range, pick them up and place them within an egg, thus fertilizing it. These souls can be either red or green, meaning when combined with the Virii, the Spore Generator serves as a hovering respawn facility for the virus. These eggs hatch soon after fertilization into additional Virii.

The best tactic for shooting down the Spore Generator, is to have nearby Darwinians manning an Armor deployed as a turret. These are always the best bet against the flying viruses as they can directly hit the targets no matter how high up into the air. The second option is to have Darwinians with Grenades, or a Squad equipped with grenades or Rockets ready to fire them directly underneath the Spore Generator when it drops down to the ground to place more eggs.

Optionally, they can be ignored if there are no nearby Virii to assist the Spore Generator in fertilizing the eggs, as they will eventually break apart after sitting on the ground without a soul inside for some time.

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