The Biosphere level is the second to last level in Darwinia. This is the facility where souls from the Receiver and the data governing the basic physical form of the Darwinians are combined to spawn new Darwinians at the various spawn points located throughout this level. These buildings replace the Incubators by giving a steady stream of new units without the need of Engineers to collect the souls. You’re sole objectives in the Biosphere Darwinia level is to eliminate the red army and enable the Trunk Port to the Temple level.

You will begin Biosphere in Darwinia on the island with the Pattern Buffer Trunk Port and a small group of green Darwinians. Since there are no Incubators here to collect souls into for respawning, you must keep these guys safe until they can man one of the Spawners. Create squads and use your best explosives to clear the reds from one of the spawners, or if you feel up to it, you can try to clear the whole island first. Either way, make sure there are no red Darwinians left next to the spawner and send your greens to capture it while you have a Squad keep any counterattacking groups of reds at bay, as they will try to take it back over. If you lose to many greens you will have to restart this level.

Once you have a Spawner captured, build up your green army while you clear the rest of the spawners with your Squads. Follow up with greens to man the facilities as their reds are cleared off until this whole island is under your control. Once you have established this foothold, the rest of Biosphere becomes much easier.

Two primary steps to succeeding in this level remain. First and the most time consuming is to begin sending all your greens not manning the Spawners through a radar dish to attack the neighboring islands. This also allows you to spawn more greens, since the number you can have at once is dictated by how many are on each island, thus moving greens of the first island allows you to spawn more there and flood the enemy islands.

Attack each spawner one by one with support from your Squads and use deployed turrets to defend your positions. Avoid deploying turrets too close to large groups of reds, as they may overrun the turret and turn it against you. When you see groups of reds being sent to reinforce or retake a position, send some Squads or another group of greens to intercept them. Use pincher moves and grenades whenever possible to cause them to scatter and break their formations.

Once you’ve cleared out the reds, send 2-3 turrets filled with Darwinians to the central island to take out the viruses there, particularly the Soul Destroyer. Follow up with an Engineer to capture the Temple Trunk Port and the level Biosphere is a wrap.

Biosphere – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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