The Mine is the next step after unlocking the Trunk Ports in Containment. This level in Darwinia takes place in the land where the Darwinians operate facilities that mine raw polygons out of the mountainsides here. The raw polygons come down from these mining facilities in carts, to be processed at the central facility into refined primitives. Afterwards, the refined primitives are passed along on the carts through the Trunk Port into the Yard Darwinia level. It is there they will be assembled into Armor.

You have 3 objectives in the Mine level in Darwinia. You’re first objective is to get Darwinians to operate the mining facilities, and to refine 20 primitives total, created from the raw polygons that are produced from the manned facilities. The next objective is to enable the Yard Trunk Port so that the refined primitives may be transferred to that level for manufacturing. You’re third objective is to collect the Airstrike research project located in this level. The final objective is to enable the Generator Trunk Port.

This mission is a good time to train Darwinians to version 3.0 in order to grant them lasers to use as weapons. I suggest doing so immediately if you have not done so already.

Start out in the Mine by clearing of the main island with the refinery facility. Capture the Incubators immediately to start stockpiling Darwinians. Next, nab up all the Control Towers powering the Radar Dishes in order to add some research points to your pool and open up your moves to the next islands. You can start sending Darwinians to man the refinery, and if they have weapons, can clear the hill it sits on by themselves quite well, although sending an Engineer after them to collect any free souls that may result is a good idea.

If your Darwinians are not armed, you may want to focus on the mining island in order to destroy the Triffids, as they can pose a threat to defenseless little green men. If they are armed, take out the island with the Yard Trunk Port and capture it, with Engineers to scoop some souls.

Heading to the mountain strewn island is the final task. Clear the virus infection with your squads while capturing the opposite side’s Control Tower. It is actually easy to send an Engineer over to the research Data before clearing the infection here, since it is isolated from the enemy, and Engineers can traverse the water. Grab this now if you haven’t already.

Prioritize clearing out the Spiders and Triffids initially, before clearing the other patches of Virii and Spore Generators, as the first two pose the biggest threat to your Darwinians at this point in time. If you have armed Darwinians you can begin sending them to the island and up to the mining facilities as your Squads continue to clear the Virii. Make sure to capture the Incubator on the mining island as well.

As the mining facilities are operated, they will begin to deposit golden raw polygons into the mining carts that should be moving about with the refineries’ activation. Watch the number on the “LCD screen” attached to the side of the refinery building. It will count up towards 20 as these polygons enter the building, and exit the other side as golden cubes. Once you hit 20, have the data downloaded, and activated the Trunk Ports here, you’re set to head off to the Generator level.

Mine – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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