Cheats, Secrets & Easter Eggs

This portion of the guide covers special cheats or secrets that are part of Darwinia.

Unlock Everything

Create a new profile named “AccessAllAreas.” Loading it causes the intro to mess up, but afterwards everything will be unlocked.

Mods & Map Editor

There is a basic map editor and mod system in Darwinia that is unlocked after beating the game normally. If you want to skip ahead, find your preferences file in your Darwinia root folder and put “ModSystemEnabled = 1” in the file on its own line.

Darwinian Christmas

If you are running the game at any point during December 25th of any year, you’ll be treated to a special re-skin of the game featuring blue “snow covered” ground, the trees will turn from green to red and snow will begin to fall from the sky. Last but best of all, the Darwinians all get Santa hats! If it’s not actually Christmas where you are, just change the system clock to fake it and the game will recognize it.

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