Containment is the level and area of the project where Doctor Sepulveda was able to contain the virus through the use of giant force fields he programmed into the terrain here. You will have 3 objectives in this level, first is to rescue 150 Darwinians by bringing them underneath the tree sitting in the contained portion of the map. Second you must download the research data located on this map. Lastly, you will have to enable the three Trunk Ports located within Containment in Darwinia.

Begin Containment in Darwinia by spawning a Squad within the contained portion of the map, by the Garden Trunk Port. You will have to clear a large swathe of Virii using your lasers and grenades. About this time you should end up finishing research on Squads v2.0, start working on Engineers v2.0 next to increase soul collection capabilities of those units when this happens.

Continue to the Incubator, clearing the heavy Virii and Centipede infestation here. Once it is under your control, you can spawn Engineers to collect souls for the Incubator to start spawning slews of Darwinians. Clear the remainder of this island from any viral infestation while collecting as many souls as you can, as you must make sure there is nothing left to harm the currently defenseless Darwinians. It is also a good idea to capture both Radar Dish, Control Towers on this island as soon as possible to add more points to your research pool.

Next you can start heading to the island with the Mine Trunk Port. Send your squad through and capture the other side’s Control Tower with an Engineer and work your way through the Centipedes, Spore Generator and Virii here. Once you’ve cleared the Incubator of infestation, do the same as you did on the first island, clearing the rest of the virus while your Engineers scoop the souls. Make sure to capture the Trunk Port to the Mine here as well.

The next step is to head towards the doctor’s research data located on the island with two centipedes and no other virus. Downloading this data will give you access to the Officer program, which now allows you to turn Darwinians into units capable of commanding other Darwinians to travel along set paths. Create some Officers near the captured Incubators and begin setting up routes for them to follow into the containment field. You will have to make several officers to make a connect-the-dot type of route, as each one can only give a simple linear travel command. Make sure the path into the containment area does not cross the edges of the force field, as touching it will kill Darwinians, and they may if told to move through it.

After downloading the data, you can clear the final Island for more souls if you need to spawn additional Darwinians, but mainly you will want to come here to enable the Trunk Port to the Generator. Once you’ve satisfied the objectives, it’s time to head to the Mine.

Containment – Darwinia Level Walkthrough Video

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