The Generator level in Darwinia possesses the energy generating equipment that is needed to power the Yard for taking the refined primitives from the Mine and turning them into fully functioning Armor units. Solar panels are dotted around the map that must be operated by the Darwinians to produce this power required.

You only have one simple objective in the Generator level in Darwinia. Your objective is to man enough of the Generators in order to produce at least 65 Gq/s energy. The current energy output is measured in your objectives screen and on the central Generator tower that has a display panel on its side. You must only cause the power to spike over 65 for a split second in order to satisfy the objectives, which is likely to happen before capturing all of the solar panels here.

The Generator level in Darwinia is rather straightforward in terms of how to beat it. Capture the initial island you start out on with the Containment Trunk Port. Capture the Incubator as soon as possible to start spawning green Darwinians, and make Officers to order them into the nearby solar panels.

Next you can capture the central island to give yourself more options in angles of attack, however the Triffids will shell you on this island, and they are difficult to reach at this point in time. The virus here are easy to avoid or ignore completely by just capturing the Control Towers by keeping your Engineers on the outskirts of the Island.

Continue to clear each Island in part, scooping up souls as they drop, and sending unoccupied Darwinians from other Islands through the Radar Dishes to man the panels. I suggest capturing all the Control Towers even if you satisfy the objective early, if just for the research points which are always useful to have.

Although it is not listed in your objectives, make sure to capture the Escort Trunk Port to unlock this somewhat hidden level. Once you’ve completed this, and all the other tasks mentioned, you are free to proceed to the Escort level.

Generator – Darwinia Video Walkthrough

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