Air Strike

This is without a doubt the most powerful secondary weapon, although the power comes with a slight cost. Using the airstrike fires a beacon that calls down a space invader like bomber aircraft that drops high explosives on top of the beacon’s resting location. The cost comes as the longest delay from firing to explosion for all the secondary weapons (about 10 seconds) and in turn, the slowest fire rate, although with each level of research calling an additional bomber, you can just research it fully and level everything.


The first secondary weapon you will have access to. This weapon arcs towards the fired direction and explodes after a short delay after firing. Using from high ground gives extended range thanks to physics influence on the warhead. Darwinians can use this weapon at their max research level (4.0).


This is the first weapon available to you as the player within Darwinia. It is particularly useful for allowing your Squads to clean up smaller batches of Virii or Centipedes. The Laser is ineffective against the Spider. Upgrading its research will increase range. Available for use by the Darwinians at their version 3.0.


Direct straight line traveling explosive that detonates on impact or when it reaches the max range. This weapon must be researched to 3.0 (increased range) before being effective, as it starts out exploding dangerously close to your own units. Best weapon for use against the Spider.