The Rocket is one of the secondary weapons found from downloading Doctor Sepulveda’s research projects scattered throughout the levels of Darwinia. The Rocket is very similar to the Grenade in terms of the way it deals damage, with an exploding warhead. There are however some key differences with the Rocket in Darwinia. In terms of explosive radius for example, the Rocket has a much smaller damaging area of effect than the Grenade.

The Rocket in Darwinia fires in a straight line unlike the grenade which arcs through the air towards its target, which makes the Rocket very useful against fast moving tough enemies that require explosives or shots from the Armor turret to kill. Care should be taken, as this weapon is heavily affected by nearby terrain, which means if you fire near an incline, you risk hitting the ground before the spot you aimed at, hurting your own Squad. The Darwinians are not capable of wielding Rockets, making this exclusive to the Squad as a secondary weapon.

The last and possibly most important item of note with the Rocket, is that when first downloaded, it will have dangerously short range, making it incredibly easy to damage your Squad with its own shots, as they can just barely reach far enough to leave the firing Squad on the edge of the blast radius. Upgrading this weapon to version 2.0 is critical before it really proves how useful the Rocket can be.

Darwinia Research – Rocket

The Rocket program begins at version 1.0 after being downloaded, and can be upgraded 3 times up to version 4.0. Each level grants a substantial increase to how far your Rockets can fly, with the final version reaching substantially further than the original version. An important note is the necessity to reach at least version 2.0 to negate the 1.0 version’s dangerously short range.