The Laser is your basic weapon that you start out with to fight the virus threat in Darwinia. Your Squads begin equipped with this weapon, capable of firing it either automatically when not under your control, or at a much faster rate when you are directly commanding the Squad to fire. Once you upgrade the Darwinians to version 3.0, they too will be equipped with the Laser, although their version is not as effective as the one carried by the Squad.

The laser while effective at killing large groups of enemies, certain ones such as the spider are immune to its effects. In addition, flying enemies due to their very nature, are also near impossible to hit with lasers, as they have a tendency to hug the ground as they travel. The primary benefit that exists with lasers is that you do not have to worry about friendly fire, and is the one weapon that won’t hurt your own units.

Darwinia Research – Laser

The Laser program begins at version 1.0, and can be upgraded 3 times up to version 4.0. Each level grants a substantial increase to how far your lasers can fly, with the final version reaching about 3 times the range of version 1.0.