The Grenade is your first secondary weapon found within Darwinia. You will be able to acquire the Grenade as one of Doctor Sepulveda’s downloadable research projects within the Garden level. One available, it serves as a useful tool in eradicating the enemies that are too tough to be wounded by your lasers such as the Spiders. Hitting these enemies with the grenades bounce and delay can still be a small challenge on its own. In addition, the area of effect makes it effective against airborne units as they swoop down.

An important note when using grenade is the mild delay the grenade has after coming to rest, before it will explode. This means you must time your shots when trying to hit the faster moving targets, although the area of effect makes up for this delay to a mild extent. This blast radius also makes an effective foil against tightly grouped packs of enemies, and has the particular advantage over other weapons, of breaking enemy Darwinian’s morale. Firing grenades anywhere near a Darwinian friendly or hostile will cause them to run away in terror, allowing you to quickly break enemy formations for your own armies to sweep over.

Grenades are capable of friendly fire, so be careful when using near your own units, or in steep terrain where the grenades might bounce back down to your Squad. Darwinians are capable of utilizing grenades after downloading the Grenade research and bringing the Darwinians to version 4.0, although they sometimes harm themselves with them, and have a shorter range than the Squad’s grenades.

Darwinia Research – Grenade

The Grenade program begins at version 1.0 after being downloaded, and can be upgraded 3 times up to version 4.0. Each level grants a substantial increase to how far your Grenades can fly, with the final version reaching substantially further than the original version.