The Airstrike is the most powerful of the three secondary weapon types available to you as the player in Darwinia.Available after downloading it from the Airstrike research project data located within the Mine level, this weapon poses a significant threat to more stationary targets, or those not alerted to your Squad’s nearby presence. The Airstrike works by firing a flare beacon from your Squad onto the ground, with a range further than that of the version 2.0 Grenade, that bounces just like it though, that takes 10 seconds to call down a Space Invader like spaceship that drops a massive bomb over the beacons resting place.

The amount of time it takes to call down the Airstrike, makes this secondary weapon best used against any target you know won’t be moving very far, and while firing your available airstrike beacons in a wide dispersal pattern to layer the area with blast waves. Each of your squad members can fire one, but must wait until the ship leaves the area before firing another.

The blasts caused by the airstrike are the largest and most powerful in the game, however they can be just as dangerous to your units as the enemy’s. Darwinians tend to flee from the Airstrike beacons, however they also often move back towards them before the bomb is actually dropped. Using the Airstrike is a great way to quickly disable the Spawn points operated by evil Darwinians in the final two levels.

Darwinia Research – Airstrike

The Airstrike program begins at version 1.0 after being downloaded, and can be upgraded 3 times up to version 4.0. Each level grants additional bombers for each airstrike called down, by one additional bomber per upgrade up to 4 at version 4.0. These upgrades are powerful, because they increase the spread of the bombs dropped, covering an incredibly wide area at v4.0. With Squads and Airstrikes fully upgraded, you can literally rain oblivion onto the maps, calling down a whopping 24 bombers to wipe out everything.