The Radar Dish is the main method you have for getting between islands separated by water within Darwinia.After capturing one, you must select it and reposition the dish so it faces a receiving building. Once a link is established you are free to transport units across it.

The Radar Dish is one of 3 buildings you will find controllable through the reprogramming of Control Towers. The Radar Dish serves as the primary means of transporting your Squads, Officers and Darwinians across the vast stretches of water that separate the many islands that make up the various level within Darwinia. After capturing one of these Radar Dishes you will be able to select it with the left mouse button, then point it towards another Radar Dish. The receiving dish does not have to be controlled by you to establish a transport link, but it does need to be within line of sight of the sending dish, and must have at least a small degree of its receiving face pointed towards the sending dish.

Once the sending dish has been pointed appropriately to a receiving dish, a beam will establish between the two, creating a one way tunnel through which you can send units into. Officers and Squads can be directly controlled into the Radar Dish for transport, and Darwinians can be instructed into one with the Officer’s Follow command. Engineers and Armor are not capable of using the Radar Dish for transport, as they do not need it to traverse water.

If the receiving dish is under your control, you can point it towards the sending dish to establish a two way link, where you will see two beams overlapped, or you can point it to a second receiving dish to create a chain between several islands to move your Darwinian forces through, although the dish must remain at least somewhat angled to the original sending dish or the beam will break. If you have units currently within a beam when it is broken, they will be killed instantly.