Control Tower

Control towers are typically found attached to another building such as the others covered here. In order to capture a Radar Dish, Trunk Port or Incubator you will have to reprogram the Control Tower that it is attached to. In addition, these structures play a hidden, but very important role in furthering the player’s research projects.


These buildings are the primary way to spawn new green Darwinians, and are the only way to do so in the first 8 missions, not including the prologue. Incubators also need Engineer’s to deposit souls to run, thus it’s a good idea to develop strategies on soul collection when capturing a new Incubator, or starting a new level without one under control yet.

Radar Dish

The Radar Dish is the main method you have for getting between islands separated by water within Darwinia. After capturing one, you must select it and reposition the dish so it faces a receiving building. Once a link is established you are free to transport units across it.

Trunk Port

These facilities are the primary means of transport between various levels and are often the target of level objectives in order to facilitate various tasks performed across multiple areas. After the Yard level, these are the sole spawn point for the Armor unit.